Monday, August 17, 2009

grey week ?

Hello Bloggers

so it has yet again been a while since my last blog, but now that summer is soon at a close I think they shall become more frequent

Ok then... well

this week was quite a sad one for me as more than half of my closest of friends left to go to S.S... but in less than a few hours they shall be all back XD.... unless one caught swine flu and died but its quite unlikely O_o ...

Anyway ..

Ermm this week was not all bad. for one I realised I don't give God the time he deserves all the time... It's like when I have free time I can't get my self to praise him, but when I am busy I can fit him in all over... one thing for certain is that I need to do some Major quiet time and try make it a point to make it a daily thing.

Soo... in this period of time where I did not have all my friends I did quite a bunch of stuff like...

1/ go have a late night swim in st' Julian's
2/ watch a movie
3/ get kinda closer to my family
4/ began to sketch
5/ Got closer to some people I don't usually hang out with
6/ got better at guitar =)
7/ had long walks
8/ discovered more about my self

You know... even tho I missed alot of people... I think that with all their prayers.... they helped me answer a big problem of mine...

I believe tonight calls for a little adventure of my own....

I shall leave you now as I feel God is calling me to go praise him.

God bless you all

Steve out