Saturday, June 27, 2009


I have just woken up from my first real sleep in 2 months and guess what... I'm still tired loool.
I am enjoying the fact that I have nothing to do today , its been a while since I just had some Steve time. I think we should all make room for our self sometimes =D.

OK soo I have some stuff I want to explain to my readers =P

right ....
so first off I know I have been real moody lately and well I got fed up of people stating the obvious and asking if I am in a bad mood when the see me on my own

ye it would be coz im in a bad mood but when I will be on my own the only people I would relay talk to know who they are..... I am not trying to piss off anyone but honestly if u see me in a bad mood just talk to me like you normally would. I will get better after I go pray and stuff so don't worry.


so yesterday I had Christabel's 15th birthday party thing at mellieha, I must say it was nice to get away for a while even tho I did not stay all that long.

I then got a lift with Charlene and Christabel where Chris kept changing every single song till we got to sliema until she found the one song she wanted XD drove Charlene crazy ( 10x for the lift bdw )

After that I showered, changed , ate and did some of my log book. later I went off to community
where Mig gave one of the best talks I have heard in a good while. I am probably saying this because I relay felt like it was directed to me. lol it was shit scary but in a good way XD

later we went to Birgu to some fancy bar where matt got tipsy on a SINGLE GLASS OF WHITE WINE lol can anyone say cheap date . We then went to step on and mig gave me a lift home =)

Now I am listening to the new Hillsong album which krisse has just sent me XD * LOVE YA SIS *

wow I feel sooo much better :) I feel like that even tho my life is meant to be realy bad hekk as if I just know God has got me coverd and as long as I stay close to him... The world can not break me down XD.

I am off

God bless you all =D

Steve out .

Friday, June 19, 2009

SUMMER day 1


my summer has started, and up till now it has been amazing.


as soon as I finished my paper which was quite easy, I went to pull out some cash and went off to get a... dr juice, gogi berry smoothie and a jar of sea water to give to Kai lol

well smoothie is coz I know she loves em
and sea water is coz she can't swim ><.
I am gonna say from now since i have already been asked... I did not do all that coz I like her :P, shes like a sister to me .

anyway I dropped those off, stood a while... then went off to millennium chapel for some quiet time :) After that I got some amazing sushi and ate it on the pier next to the sea, was amazing knowing I do not have to hurry to get home and study XD insomma..... then I went over to my friend Tara and swam; and my plan was to head off to home after that.

Twas not the case...

met matt. urp whilst he was looking for parking, got in his car and ended up looking for parking with him, then we went to exiles and met loads of lovely ppl where we played wear wolf again lol but Simon made it interesting and mad just a ware wolf XD well done sim n hope ur *&^(%$ up shoulder get healed soon dude

ermmm just got home... I know I got community in like 2 hrs but I am up for anything lol. I rly enjoy not planing stuff and just going on a random adventure. It's amazing how much stuff you find to do when you don't plan anything.

anyway, I go shave,shower and change

Tc ppl and God bless

Steve out .

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So I just came home from spending 6 hrs at mcast doing a pressentation which I felt I did realy well in.. and a meeting which was so boaring it left me counting the the ammount of times the princaple said " insoma" XD
God I have never felt like going for as swim as bad I as do now, but I only got 2 days left which means 2 exams dnt wanna ruin it now huxx...

well few minutes ago I read kai's blog and it actuley put me in a good mood, and reminded me on what I tell alot of people... to appriciate the little things and be positive =D.

yesterday something strange happend.... I dono how, but some how I managed to hurt the bottem of my left foot, but ill live XD

ermmm yeah thats preety much it

God bless you all

Steve out.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

you bastard!!!

You bastard!!!

to you who forgot my birthday,
to you who pissed me off,
to the twat that made me want to beat him senseless for something he/she taught of.

taken lightly or given a shrug its YOU im speaking of

so take your smile and shuv it up your ass.
You know who i'm speaking of.

But bastard please understand, it s not hatred that courses through my vains .....
just the bastard inside me.... wanting you in pain

so from a bastard to a bastard hear my plead.
there is no need to make me feel...... to make you feel.........

what we all feel but do not reveal

steve out

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


The count down has begun.
MY summer is 8 examinations away, and yet with every day that passes I feel mixed emotions about it all.

I mean sure there is the beach, Dr juice and random adventures, community stuff, y4j stuff, possible dating... and hell my own 18th party is just after examinations.... but what use is that when all so many people including your self will be busy with their own thing. Be it improving your future, busting your ass to make some cash or even just traveling... I feel this summer just has a huge question mark....

They say that summer is what you make of it and I guess that is kinda true. btw who the hell is "they" ? until I get an answer for who "they" is I'm going with Gremlins XD ... why not?

well anyway I just came back from an accounts exam... was OK I guess, felt i should have done more studying tho.


mehh back to studies

till next time


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Make a wish and blow the candle

hello all...

well, I am 18 today... and I decide to write a blog as I cant sleep.

I was expecting something Big today both spiritually and earthly. I stood waiting for God to give me a special little gift, or an over dose of attention; But as the day grew shorter the gift seemed like a spit in the eye .I was angry... both at God and at the world.

I tried to figure out why this situation seemed soo shitty but my anger built a wall around me and blocked the simple answer out. After I calmed down a bit I came to realize..... I had an amazing gift, and i never even saw it.

my mother giving me a gift from her heart when money is short.... the little sparrow that landed near my feet when I was waiting for a bus..... the ray of sunshine that gave me light to read..... the smile from a stranger.... a hug from a person that I would die for. These where my gifts, and now that I look back on it i realize what a fool I was.

Just because a person sends you a birthday greeting or a hug hello dose not mean that he/ she loves you.... Love is in the little things.

So things where not all sunshine and rainbows lol big woop.
The way I see it is like this.... you can either moan about how the world is picking on you.... or you can embrace it and fight a negative with a positive to make it attractive in your eyes hehe.

I guess that's it really.... another year passed by XD, one year closer to my house in the skies.

All i got to say is this really.... The world can and will throw all it has on my back to try bring me down... but I know that God is right there with me, easing the burden and letting the wind blow on my face =).

I LOVE you God *hug*

God bless you all

till next time

steve =)