Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It is his birthday

I feel exactly like this guy, but don't have his ending


Monday, May 25, 2009

What a weekend

Hello all

Well I am in a great mood since last weekend so i decided to share it all with you via blog =D.

anyway sat we had a nice relaxed evening on the beach. Bongos, guitar's beer and a fiaccola lol * SHOUT OUT TO PAULA *

was nice to get away from the books for a while and spend that time with some amazing people ;)

Got a feeling where gonna do that alot in summer XD I wont mind.

Anyway Sunday we had the famous wedding XD.
it was EPIC. open bar, great food, dancing and just fooling around hah was great.
was not sure how I felt about not getting drunk after drinking soo much. lol I'm guessing I sweat it all out of my system, dancing.
still got a fraking hang over tho mehh :S

not fare if u ask me :P

ermmm.... yeah then after we went to a little place to get a pizza coz like we could XD and then Matt gave me a ride home * SHOUT OUT TO MATT *

Anyway that was pretty much my weekend lol.

I'm a little pissed off I got to study on my birthday :( but MAYBE we do something small after community or Y4j.... what u think guys ?????

* puppy face *

I am trying to introduce some colour into my life XD.
I figured God made so much more than black hehe. I am never gonna wear pink tho so no ideas girls :P

anyways I shall be leaving you all as I must carry on with my studies.... (18th June.... where for art thou 18th June )

God bless you all =D
Till next time


Saturday, May 23, 2009

A little change

Hello all

well I decided to change a few things on my blog

1/ my background.

Being that summer is soooo close but yet so far I needed a nice summerish thing... enough said

my blog title to " brain crack"

Yes well when I do a blog its because my brain will be sooo backed up with soo much taught and ideas that I got to let them out in some form or another p.s yes sim I know I saw it on a video but still XD

anywayssss I shall leave you all as I have another *** exam to go to :(.

God bless you all
till next time

Steve =).

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

angel rays

the days have been passing by and I can feel summer getting closer and closer.
With every day that passes I long for summer more and more... but at the same time I wish to travel back to those days where I made my mistakes.... if only it where possible.
Fact is that I know that most of my mistakes have made me the man that stands before you, but sometimes this man just hang his head and cry.
I'm sure you all know that this world is not all rainbows and jellybeans... Its rough, and I don't care who you are... if you let it, the world will beat you down and turn your world upside down, but we must not cave...
" it's not about how hard you hit, but how hard you get hit and remain standing"..... those words are burnt into my mind forever.
But Alas, this world is not as dark as it seems.... you just have to spit polish your skies abit and look for the Angel rays.
anyway enough of this stuff for one day lol
mehh exams are driving me up a wall, and all these plans for summer ughhh don't know where to begin.
Today I got to be a good Maltese citizen and called the fire brigade because like... I saw a fire... well there was too much smoke for it to be a bunch of teens smoking weed and watching episodes of charlie the unicorn XD
ahhh bdw I think I taught of a theme for my 18th, tell me what u guys thing about a crazy hat party =D
anyway I'm off to carry on studying about how shitty the international marketing system is so I shall leave you all for now.
SHOUT OUT TO MR .MAGGIE who is getting married this Sunday XD.
God bless you all
Till next time

Monday, May 11, 2009


Christian life and life are not the same ppl

Brain crack

It has been around 4 weeks since my last blog and I am quite ashamed by that... but I have a valid reason, that being exmainations :(

anyway since my last blog I came to realize a few things...

1/ flip flops are not made for long distance walks XD
2/ I have a short attention span of 30min when it comes to studying.
3/ ( christian life + girls) multiply by life = confusion
4/ its ok to wear yellow... but im still not gonna wear it lol
5/ I hate statistics with a passion
6/ people make a fuss over nothing
7/ just coz u have wheels does not mean you can use them lol

yes well if u know me well enough u should get all that XD.

I am now failing to write a popper blog because well i have brain crack and it is making me lose taught haha ...... yes.

anyway I better stuff my face with my books yet again.... *dam it*

Ill blog again next time inspiration strikes whilst ill be online XD

take care readers

God bless u all