Sunday, April 12, 2009

Screw It

Hello readers

Happy Easter *hug*

I have decided to do a little blog as to begin the new christian year =).
( this shall be relatively short)

Well I have decided something....... ever since I can remember I always use to do things my own way... Never let God take complete control of my life. This was, and kinda is because I only use to see a piece of the whole picture.
See thing is God knows the whole picture inside and out, and along the road we might have to lose or gain something we truly love. We have to keep in mind that God dosen't want to hurt us... He wants us to have what is best` for us, and if that means abit of suffering or abit of loss then so be it.

Now im going to be honest with you.... I am shit scared to give God complete control.... I always like to have a little safety line where I "THINK " I am in control.
In actual fact we are never in control.... yes we have free will, but can we control what tomorrow holds for us ?

All that aside what I am trying to get to is this ...
Even though we can only see a few feet ahead of us.... lets take that step of faith.

I for one have realised that by "taking control" of things I have spun out of control, and have been hurt many a times...
I truly believe that this Easter calls for a new beginning......
A fresh start =D

"I shall take the leap and see where the trail ends day by day.... It's ALL in HIS hands"

God bless you all

Steve out.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I still cant believe it....

Ughhhh. you ever get those days where you feel the world Is picking on you.
Like some fat kid focusing the sun through a lens, onto your head.
spread that out for a good 2/3 months and you got my life right there....
Im not trying to sound like a person who is at the end of his rope... Im just saying it how it is.

The second I get well happy... it's like the glass shatters once again. Always with something new.... Looks like the bastard down there really has it out for me lol.
The thing is that I can deal with it all, I mean im still alive.... the only thing I cant fix is something that cant really be changed.... and that is peoples way of labeling me before even understanding my situation.
I don't get how when someone needs to tell you something bad they just try do it in a way where they try not to hurt you..... thing is they don't know how to deal with it... they there for do something out of impulse that not only screws up everything but also hurts you.
As things progress and screw up even more you get more and more hurt, but yet show no emotion over it as not to seem like an ass. people will then think all is well and carry on hurting you.

people need to place themselves in the persons shoes before acting.
I swear..... sometimes I think we all just need a good kick in the ass.

Anyway..... that's life I guess

Until next time readers

Tc Gb .

Steve out.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Music gives me power as I hear it every hour, on the hour.
It takes my sorrows away as it lifts me higher to a better day.
As I insert my head phones and turn on the power I feel my self lifted up, high above this tower.

Music takes me away and sets me in a place of my own.
It takes me to a place where I know im not alone....

It lifts me up above the clouds and wipes away the rain
It also give me courage to hide away the pain.

So I shall play my music maker, every day and every night;
just hoping one day that my music will give me flight.