Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Yesterday I quite simply had nothing to do all night...

Got a msg from my good friend Mich, and decided to go to p.v where I enjoyed a few hours just chilling with with a good old friend of mine.

After a while i caught a bus ride up to G's and met sar and Bernice.

went for a walk,
helped some lost Swedish ppl find their way home lol
and then just chilled at the park.

Dnt sound so great ??

well it kinda was...

and here is where the blog gets interesting.

So basically yesterday everyone spread out and went to different places.

It was either half a group where invited to a house and the rest where not,
twas a girls night
or ppl where just too far away.

Dispite all that stuff I still enjoyed myself.
Yes, OK I saw it strange that after all the change I have been through these past 3 years
I still had to resort going to p.v because of some stupid situation.

Now the thing is this... I don't need anything or anyone to have fun. If I wanted to I could have done a whole night of what I use to see as my perception of fun... But I did not...

No yesterday was more of an observation...

I was seeing how some people have become since well just a few months ago...

Results have their pros's and con's tho the final outcome... Ti's just a massive question mark..

Anyway... I am not gonna let these things break down my day =D


Steve out

Sunday, July 26, 2009

An amazing weekend

Well, it has been quite a while since my last blog... loads has happend but im just gonna say what I feel like lol

ok soo first off I was in a bad mood this past month... those who know me know why, and those who don't... well lets just say I had it preety rough.

Insomma I realy needed this weekend...
It gave me a chance to catch a breath of fresh air and let me set aside some of the shit in my life..

Ok so here is what happend...

Friday --> Had work where I got some bad news... was then off to a whole day at gym as to try and take off some stress, but... to no avail. Then I realised I was going to be late for mustard seed, so I showerd off and walked up to St.Julians.

A Mugi tea, a 7up float and some crisps with Jesus on the side... It called for the perfect night to look into the mirror as to what I have become. I grabbed my bible every now and again and tried to find some guidence... but my heart was not there yet. I had to dig deeper and meet God half way.

I reached a point where it fealt like I was not even socialising any more... as in my body was there and I was talking... but the real me was deep at thaught . Hence my bad mood.

After M.seed we drove up to Buggieba and just got an ice-cream and relaxed for a while.

Saturday ---> woke up at like 12pm and went up to the airport to welcome home Krissie XD ( so glad your back sis) I then got a lift home with Bernice and went for a quick swim at exiles, where I met Zoe,Kai,Hillary etc... Tho I was still in a pissed mood, infact for some reason It grew as the day moved on but hey "se la vie" you know....
I then went to the BBQ of comm which was quite nice and then asked Simon to crash at his place as I needed a break from home ( 10x bro ). Some time passed and a buch of us took up the invattion to go chill at Annies flat where Simon introduced us to "20 Q " lol I swear that is some freaky shit XD.

ermm about an hour passed and Lara,Simon and I decided to go chill outside rotating who gets to swing on the hamok and having... and interesting conversation lol. I forgot all about my problems and just well... had fun = ).

I got some amazing friends lol

ermm then me n Sim walked to his flat and crashed.

Sunday ---> after four hours of sleep I woke up lol. with a good morning said in a raspy voice a coffee and a moment to appreciate the talent of Simon's magic fingers on his bass XD, we where off to the best mass with the most interesting character that I have ever attended lol.
the Alter was a pool table with a white cloth to cover the green and the jokes between the small crowd of people who somehow all knew each other made my morning that little bit more special lol.

A doughnut and a pea cake and we where off to take van to Krissie to do some baking lol. we got back and Sim and I played a game of table tennis where I was served XD. Tho seeing Simon beaten by a kid was worth it lol ( in all fairness that kid most probably plays every day there )

ermm we then had Lunch at simon's whilst watching some F1, had a 30 min nap and went off to Sliema with Char =D.

Went home. Washed, changed and got my jester and Boone hat for Lanfy's high tea get together, which was fun :)

ermm I then got home, cleaned my room... well lol and went online where I had a conversation I now regret... ( if you are reading... I am sorry and I didn't mean it. Ill ttyl)


anyway... I am off to bed as I have my one before the last day of work tomorrow... Wip di freaking do.

God bless you all

Steve out.

Monday, July 6, 2009

my white room

I am here, alone at home...
I got absolutely nothing to do so I decided to write a proper blog.

Today I had work.. After which I went to spend some time at the millennium chapel to say a quick hello to my dad =). I then went to go see a few y4j ppl at exiles and then came home...

and now here I am... on my big black chair with thorn arm rest's, typing away at my laptop.... trying to get my mind off things from my past.... present ... and future.I know I should be all positive and stuff... and I am. I guess that since I have nothing better to do.... no one interesting to speak to.... no one to hang out with at the moment.... its just me and God.... and I am going wild!

I have set myself in a huge white room......
a cool breeze kisses my chest. The rain is falling down hard. I close my eyes... take a deep breath and with a single step I begin to fall....the strong wind forces my arms up... mussels tense....eyes closed tight burst open showing my eyes to appear as if all colour has gone ....

I realise a long battle cry which makes a lion's roar seem like a whimper.... and then... with no effort at all I shoot out of the pit and sprout out huge, white angle wings.I look at my hands and clench my fists. I flap my wings and in no time at all, disappear into the horizon...

Make of this what you wish.

Steve Out

Friday, July 3, 2009


had an 18th party... twas fun =)