Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A new world

Recently I have been contemplating on my old life, thinking of the good old times where I use to just hang out with my old group of friends, drink a few beers and just enjoy the evening to come. Now as time moved on, friends, situations,times and even people have changed be it for the better or the worse. Now I admit that I being a person shifting between youth and adult tried to stick to my old life style with little affect. I'm not saying that I am not glad with the person I am today... far from it. However; what I am saying is this...

A few sentences up I mentioned how people have changed. Now be for what ever reason it may be as to why they changed... it still leaves me with one question facing me, and that question is; What happened to the peace and joy which was once amongst us in the old times.

What has really been getting to me is that many people I once thought to be my good friends... my brothers and sisters even... are now the most people I fell let down by. They lie, they deceit, they use, they assume, they judge and its just goes on and on.

now a few weeks back I have done some radical changes in my life and have left those changes unspoken of, in the sense that I changed but I just didn't stay flaunting my change about. The "brothers and sisters" I once knew have not seen these changes and kept on with their ways.
It may seem like I'm judging myself now but if I had to stay going into that, then I nor any one else would ever write a Blog; as between the lines judgement can still be seen, but anyway.

My conclusion to this blog is simple... I'm just going to keep on moving up.

The way I see it is that if someone says their your friend and then does all that... well they are not really your friend then ey, and trust me that whole hugging during the " paci mieghek" thinking that " hey maybe that person might have changed after all".... not always the case, but thats a different story which I personally am not going to bother writing about.

So to close... if you even got this far as I admit I wrote this just to vent out so sorry for the negativity; I am just going to say one little thing... You can throw what you want, you can think what you want, you can say what you want... But I will not crack. Even if all my true friends somehow turn out to be as those disloyal few... I am glad that I have one true and just friend. A friend who is not just a friend but he is also my King and Saviour.

That is my new world, and this is how I shall live it