Saturday, August 30, 2008

musical day

Heyy ppl.

I've been having a rough time latley but today i was able to see abit of beauty in this world :) finaly baught new strings and a tuner for my guitar and i did a little jamming session at the beach and saw the sun rise over sliema. I realised that even tho you may have a shity day its ur mentality on the subject that rly effects your day and not rly the thing its self. Yes its hard to paint a smile on and just carry on living your life but if you look on the postive side of things then you will be a much more at rest person.

In these you realise who your true friends are and I just want to tell them all that even if i dnt show it you all mean the world to me.

any way i off to carry on my day, Tc ppl
God bless you all =D.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


sooo this is my 2nd blog...., maybe not the last issa I see, anyway since I wrote my last blog ive been passing through wat I call a RLY shit week lol imma life goes on.

you know it suprises me how life works sometimes.... you think its X when it rly Y, I just dont think well ever be able to understand its complexity.

anyway on a brighter note im off to 2nd year MCAST XD dono how but anyway and 2night is reef rythms featuring cider house ;) hehe so better be worth my 10 euros guys lol.

before I leave u all im gonna leave you with a short word of advise " instead of thinking of what could have been think about what is " thinking about the past gets u nowhere ppl just into depression so leave it where it belongs... in the past

I hope all is well with all of you guys if not well too bad join d freakin club XD im jkin le if not just keep postive... it shall pass.

anyways tc all and Bod bless .

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I cnt belive how bored I am :P

Ello ppl to my first ever blog.... so like since its my 1st blog im going to tell you stuff about me XD. Mela....
Im 17 years old and I live in Sliema (which for those of you who dont know is in Malta lol) anyway... moving on im the type of guy that is rly into sports,music,art,history and other crap but the most thing i love doing is going mad with my friends :P. now..errrrr ohh ye mela u got a certin person named karla to blame for making me do this blog coz like out of my boardisem today i saw her blog and said wat d hell it's a good time waster =D, but 10x anyway luv even tho u dnt know lool.sooooo ye TODAY was the first day in about 4 weeks that i slept in my bed coz ive been on outreach in Assisi for a week which kicked ass bdw ( lots of healings :D) insoma wen i came bk home we went to wardija in a nice big house and like came back today, was a blast but. anyway i wain pv about an hr ago .... not a good night at all ughhh, i just dnt get some ppl. anyway ill do another blog laterish as it grows but like this is ma FIRST XD.
good night ppl,
GBU all.