Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sunny days

Hello readers

Y4J talks are now over I'm afraid; all that's left is the mass which is today... though it should be just as fun and amazing =).
Anyway the talks where brilliant, so well done to all who where involved including Tuzi, Fr ray etc...... Seriously well done guys. I must admit being my first time going to the Lenten talks of Y4j... I was impressed with the performance but most of all the turn out so once again.. well done XD .

You know..... this week I realised a few things about my self.
>>> *flash back*<<<
I was having a real shit week, but I was under the impression that I was living a good life, which gave me a little self esteem.... all because I stopped going to bad places and doing bad things.
I failed to realise that there was more to it than that. " It's not about me, its about HIM"
every time I hurt someone or turned my back on them I was doing it to God ..... even if I had the right of way. You see we are all In God's image and we have to respect that.
One thing I found out is something that we all know but find it IMPOSSIBLE to apply in today's world.... that is to love your neighbour.
If you put all the commandments together it basically sums up to that same message.

( what a taught for a 17 year old to have during a lecture on international marketing ey XD)

The next thing that smacked me in the face was that I had to come to facts and accept who I am... If I stay saying " I'm not able to" or " I'm not good enough" It's like turning to God and saying you know you did a good job creating me.... but I think you could have done it better. Sadly enough that taught passes trough my mind quite often.
Being a competitive person I always try for the best and if I don't get there I take it against my self .
Recently I have come to terms with my self and accepted a few things about me, now I'm not saying now that life is all candy and rainbows lool far from it XD
but hell I'm on the way.

( bdw flash back finished up there somewhere didn't feel like finding it he he)

Besides all that I have decided to take a step in my life.... that step for me is a mile long and consists of me dying to self yet again.

I made a pact with my self and God as to take things slow, and to let Him to choose my right of passage.... not to run head first into something and let it all fall down on top of me after short period of time.

Anyway I think i wrote enough for one day lool
hope I didnt sound like an emo XD

God bless you all

Steve out.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


OK i decided to change my blog thingy once again, as to portray my character. After hours and hours of searching through crap I fond one which I can say portrays well ME =D.

Tell me wat u guys think ?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Blog thingy

I felt that i should do a blog just for changing my thingy so here it is XD

tc PPl GB

p.s a proper blog coming soon.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hello again

Hello readers.

Well i am having one of my sleepless nights, sooo i decided to write a blog as to tired my self down. we shall see if I'll succeed in getting tired XD

Anyway since the last time that I have blogged, quite a few things happened in my life.

1st i shall be talking about the picnic which I thank Paula for inviting me too *hug*, twas an amazing day so thanks paws, I enjoyed it. I got to meet a bunch of new fun people and learnt the names of those who I knew by face lol, so wasn't a bad day. we had a nice touch rugby match between us guys; it had us all sore the next mourning but hell, was worth it hehe. after that I just went home and flopped on the sofa and watched a DVD... basically was a beautiful night .

day 2 ( pleas notes these days where not after each other lol)
anyway the day I'm talking about is Friday which was yesterday no wait ughh to get technical it was two days ago lol sorry but I consider a new day when the sun rises.... don't ask. Well school was nothing special, just boring lectures and then a test but was ok. IT WAS MY BROTHER IAN'S BIRTHDAY XD so this blog is in dedication to him hehe. we had a small family thing for my bro you know cake, snacks, a happy birthday song or two etc etc....
After that we had community where my brother showed us this thing called " the tomato prayer" basically was we split up into teams of six with had at least one male in each team. the male held the tomato in hand and each person had a tooth pic. Now we had to visualise the tomato as the heart of Christ and the tooth pic as the spear a.k.a sin.
My brother would then say random sins and if u did it you poke the tomato ( heart).
OK we had people that took the Mikky out of it but I say it was effective so thumbs up bro =).
After community we went to what was left of the Y4J CD launch, which I must admit is amazing; So well done to all. Anyway then we helped them pack up, said hey to a few people and went to amigos. After which we ended up walking to the cars in really bad rain but it didn't ruin the night as I enjoy walking in the rain, so long as the distance is short XD.

Day 3 ( today)

Well today I spend most of my day studying and thinking if I should shave my hair again... prob will as its comfy. anyway later on I met up with Martina and co, and went to the mass at st Julian and then stayed for the praise of Y4J, where I met the rest. The praise was incredible ... The presence was really there =).

Insomma after we went to mcd ( God why lol ) and basically stood the remainder of Saturday night / Sunday mourning there. was another great night with great people.

In case you where wondering it is now 3:47 AM and I am still not tired, BUT!!! I shall be off as I am out of words lol XD.

Steve out.

Take care
God Bless
comments are much appreciated =D.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Life goes on...

Hello readers

Well I am quite pleased with my self as I have been keeping to my blogging so far.

Since I haven't blogged in a good week ill give you a run through of what I did not mention.

To be honest with you all I was having a pretty crap life these past few months.... I had so much shit going on at the same time that it was becoming a burden. I felt as if I was going to break down at any second.... last weekend I spoke to a good friend about one of my biggest problems, he told me to cut some chains, seek God and ask HIM to fill the gaps the chains once occupied.

Thing is I knew all this before but never really took it into action.the next day I went for a walk and took my bible along with me. I went down to the beach and stood there for a good few hours. I talked with God and placed it ALL in his hands, knowing not was to come next I had complete faith in HIM.

While thumbing through my Bible I came across the story of Job. I was reading on how he had everything and then lost it all to the world, but in the end just kept praising God. All of a sudden it hit me.... I stood moaning as to how shit my life was and woe is me but hell I was still alive, I still had a family, still had a meal every day, cloths on my back etc... life wasn't as dark as it seemed. God showed me that the prince of this world had NO power over me what so ever and showed me that I was FREE!!!.

I had never felt so amazing in my life. Over joyed I sprat to my house, as I ran I felt more and more liberated with every stomp my feet made on the black roads in my flat DC shoes. lol some people probably taught I was mad but i couldn't have cared less XD

So I say to you my reader who ever you may be... If you are in my situation be it what it is. I tell you now to break your chain and be FREE!!!!

" The past is history , the future is a mystery but today is a gift. That's why it is called the present "

This is Steve signing out .

p.s comments are welcomed :P

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mr president ???

Hello readers
well today was a really interesting day for me, for those of you who may not know I am the representative of my course which covers about 700 students or something like that. Basically my job is to do jack but it looks nice on my diploma lol .Anyway today I along with all the other representative's of the different courses where called into the senior executive's office ( ohh yes big words ) He assembled us to tell us that next week they will open the polls so that 2 count them 2 of us may represent over 5000 students in front of the Bord of directors, minister of education and other big Whigs. Anyway apparently all we got to do is meet with them once a month as to talk about the new MCAST that is being built and put in the students point of view.

And anyway that's pretty much

Aways that's basically it for today.

I shall leave you all with many thanks for reading my blog.

God bless you all.


Monday, March 9, 2009

A verse from a song im writing

I walk along the road of fire
Watching as the blackness grows ever higher
waiting for the light to take me away,
So that I may see the light of yet another day.

( I'm not emo so don't worry XD )


I forgot to mention lol .

I would like to thank SIMON CALLUS for my inspiration as to write a real blog.


Well it has been a while since I have done this so bare with me XD

I have decided to TRY and keep a blog as to improve my English usage and keep my friends / those who have nothing better to do but check other peopels blogs, informed as well as put up a few good pics hehe.

ermm well today I had a test which i fealt i did great in other than that nothing realy worth mentioning lol.

Anyhoooo I shall be leaving you for now.
look forward to another deacon express soon.

God bless you all