Thursday, January 7, 2010

world suck

wow... I haven't blogged since summer... well it's 2010 and I am glad 09 is finally over.

those of u who know me well enough would know that I had it quite rough last year but some how I got through it.

Probability is that no one or vry few people would even read this but anyway... I just felt righting so here it goes.

over this past month I have grew wiser on some aspects in my life. in fact... here's a list

2/ friends lie
3/ people can be assholes just to make the world nicer for them
4/ the people who rly do care abt u remain unnoticed by u
5/ some people don't get a hint
6/ some people wont let go of stuff
7/ 2 out of every 4 people who say they are like a brother or sister to you lie and dnt even know it
8/ When ur life begins to turn for the better you gotta stay strong
9/ ALOT of people including my self need to grow a pair of Christian balls and finally
10/ Unless you are considered to be someone popular even amongst your own group... no matter what you say or do.. if someone say something against u be it true or false... the majority of your so called friends wont believe you.

yes I know that is vry negative
BUT you know its true...

unless you somehow manage to completely let go, cut off and just not let stuff get to you... your gonna one day be human and fall...

which brings me to my final point...

why must us as people be so cruel... be it intentional or not... you know your heart.

whats the point in showing off, offending, gossiping, not keeping your word and so on ?

but such is life I suppose, no matter the amount of good one pumps out pain will always creep its way into our hearts...

what a funny world we live in...

Steve signing out ..