Saturday, September 19, 2009

A walk home


After celebrating Jeremy's birthday at Time Square today I went to p.v to meet someone and then since everyone was far away or home I decided to go home. Now I am here in my gym trousers and in my ac'd room typing away, as I have nothing better to do....

No one to msg
No one to think of
No one.....

So on my way home during the light rain I decided to get out my problems solving box and with a direct line to my good pal God I began to ponder :P.

You know... This world is a funny place.
it's just filled with people all on a lifetime adventure to seek love...
People have different ways in seeking love, as they have different ideas as to how to obtain it, but yes... I believe that at the end of the day, we are all in the same race.

From start to finish people ( and I am talking in general here ) have different way's of
showing love,
of acting towards it,
and some people well... they just try so hard to achieve it, that the block away the real love that was staring them right in the face.

The love that will never leave you.
The love that is all ways by you re side.
The love the understands.
The love that is beyond all love.

But.... this is not enough. No at least not for me .....

all though I know that I am indeed loved, and all though I know that with or without it I will still live
I feel the need to have another type of love.

A love the is tangible.....

So I sit here in my little room praying to God... that maybe

If it is his will. find me this love that I feel I need.

Till then I wait for God to act.
For I know that one way or another.... God will show me how to obtain, this love =)

Untill then I guess XD

God bless you all

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