Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the " good guy"

Shakespeare once said that we live in a world where the mad lead the blind... I completely agree.

Hello readers.

as you might have guessed I am not in the best of moods... The way in which I can describe to you why it is that I feel this way is complicated... but then again what is not... what is easy... No if you ask me we live in a world where as much as I hate to think it, you are on your own ( with the exception of God). In this world you must be cautious... Love too much and you will be let down, think too much and you will drive yourself mad etc.

What really pisses me off is that no matter who you are in life... you will eventually lose this game we call life. You get married, you die after, you get a job you lose a job... it's never ending. It is therefore why I ponder the whole being a good person thing..

I mean you be a good person.. the world will eventually bit you in the ass... This is no fair game there is no justice... So then I ask myself... why be the good guy. In business we know that good guys finnish last, and those who cheat, lie etc come out on top... I mean why must we take it, are we really happy? Then again... the happiness that you have... is it real ?

Upon my walk from P.V tonight these where the things running through my mind. As I blasted my music to try and calm me down... who would have thought that the lamb could over come the lion. .. I am lost in thought, and I truly thank God that I have such things as work and water-polo to take my mind off some things.

But I think I have an answer... and I think it brings me to a wall... Why be this "good guy"...simple. As Bob Marley once said right after he got shot. There is already enough of people trying to make this world a worse place than it already is.

Im am so sick of everyones bull that,that shall be my goal. To be that flicker of light in the dark. Amongst other flickers creating just enough light to keep the world from turning on it's side...

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